Magento programmer

Magento programuotojas

Magento programmer at BaltiCode uses the Magento software platform for e-commerce websites on a relatively simple and not too expensive way to be built. Magento e-commerce offers wide scope features to design a safe and user friendly store for your customers.

Extensive capabilities of Magento shop

Magento provides many opportunities for design and installation of a digital shopping environment. Experienced Magento programmers at BaltiCode can link various e-commerce resources to your website. We also will link the shop to the social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Specialized Magento programmers at BaltiCode

The Web programmers at BaltiCode have specialized in some specific web applications. For e-commerce applications and webshops we mainly work with Magento platforms. For websites we offer WordPress systems. For special requests additional software can be custom made.

Learn more about the advantages of Magento e-commerce?

The Magento programmers at BaltiCode are gladly to discuss the possibilities and advantages of Magento for your specific situation. To make an appointment, please use the contact form on the website or call us on +370 620 39718.